Our team in Merseyside

Our teams in Merseyside and Knowsley are made up of a variety of highly-skilled people including specialist engineers, administrators, data analysts, health and safety officers, compliance personnel, HR officers, site operatives and logistics personnel.

Here’s some information about a few of them:

Phil Stevens

Plant Manager at Wilton energy-from-waste facility

Phil is a chartered chemical engineer and worked for 25 years in the ‘high hazard’ chemical sector before joining SUEZ in 2010. Phil managed the SUEZ energy-from-waste facilities at Teesside (lines 1-3) for several years before joining the Wilton project shortly after the commencement of construction.

Ian Sexton

Chairman of Merseyside Energy Recovery Ltd

Ian is Chairman of Merseyside Energy Recovery Ltd and manages the Kirkby Neighbourhood Community Fund. Ian is an experienced Finance Director and holds experience in this role from his years at SUEZ before he left to manage the growing business of project finance for waste infrastructure companies.

Steve Sharkey

Production Operations Manager at Knowsley rail transfer loading station

Steve Sharkey is the Production Operations Manager at the Knowsley rail transfer loading station. Steve has over 30 years in the recycling and waste industry, and joined SUEZ in 2015 to manage operations at Knowsley for Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority. Steve has worked closely with the authority for almost fifteen years.

Andrew Hughes

Contract Manager

Andrew Hughes is the Contract Manager (O&M representative) for the service delivery of the resource and recovery contract. Andrew has over 18 years' waste management experience and a wealth of knowledge in the operation of a wide variety of recycling, treatment and landfill infrastructure.

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