Being a good neighbour

Waste management activity is regulated in the United Kingdom by the Environment Agency and we have a responsibility to ensure all of the facilities we operate meet or exceed regulatory requirements.

Knowsley rail transfer loading station

At the Knowsley rail transfer loading station in Kirkby, SUEZ employs a number of technologies and operational procedures to ensure any impact of the operation on the surrounding area is minimised.

In particular, odours are carefully controlled as outside air is drawn into the building, preventing odour from escaping. This air is then passed through a filter before being released.

To further mitigate odour, the facility employs odour neutralising sprays at access points into the building and at the boundaries to the whole site, and fast-acting roller-shutter doors on the transfer station building itself.

Wilton energy-from-waste facility

At the Wilton energy-from-waste facility, the emissions produced when waste is burnt to generate energy are strictly controlled, so that no harmful gases or particles are released into the atmosphere.

To ensure this is the case, the facility captures the flue gases from the combustion process and cleans them using a sequence of filters to capture lighter ash particles. Lime and activated carbon are also introduced to the gases to neutralise acidity and further capture pollutants. The cleaned gases are then released at a high level through the stacks to ensure adequate dispersion. The flue gases are constantly monitored against environmental standards and reported to the Environment Agency to ensure they remain compliant during operation.

Comments or concerns

We remain vigilant of any impact our operations could have on the community and will always seek to remedy any issue as quickly as possible. If you have a comment or concern about one of our facilities, please get in touch.

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